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(or "evidence that I live under a rock")

On the way home from work I caught BBC4 Front Row on radio, with an interview of Benedict Cumberbatch.
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Since everybody is waiting for festivids to go up I thought it's the perfect time to post all the snippits that I meant to post and never did - because of the vids, and the tired, and the time, and the STUFF. So, here, in no particular order

* When life is weireder just as weired as TV

Every so often I watch a show and think to myself - "This is totally ridiculous, this time the writers have really overstreched my ability to hand-wave and accept silly premises, go along with impossible story-lines and leave my brain at the door. This is a 10 steps too far." Everytime that happens I get screwed by the universe - because it turns out to be based on facts. Read more... )s

* Cabin Pressure

I've been working late that last couple of weeks and therefore caught 'Cabin Pressure' on the way home. It's one of the comedies I really enjoy on BBC4. But everytime I get confused - I think Cumberbatch is doing Martin, but then Martin speaks AND I DO NOT RECOGNIZE his voice. It's not that it's not his voice, it just doesn't sound enough like him to recognize it. It's weired.

* Gigs

Sometime in May last year I went into town to do some shopping. I got myself a Starbucks Coffee and just outside was a busker who was pretty good, so I just sat down for a while to listen. He was pretty good, and it turned out he was advertising his gig later that night. What a cool idea, I thought, and since I like supporting indie artists I went along.

He is currently touring the UK again, and I went to a gig at the Academy on Thurday, and he's just such a joy to watch. Not everybody with a good voice is a good entertainer, but his gigs are always fun and engaging...

Curious who I'm talking about?

Have a guess and then take a peek... )

Is it times for festivids yet....?
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Courtesy of BBC 4 Midweek with Libby Purves: If you are a film fanatic, love fashion and costume design and either live in London or are looking for an excuse to visit again soon this might be just the thing for you;

An exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Hollywood Costumes. It's structured in three Acts - Deconstruction, Dialogue and Finale, including a vast collection of costumes ranging from the Classic to moder day movies, Interviews with famous designers and much more. It looks and sound awesom...still on thil 27th January.

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If you've been around a while you know that I listen to BBC4 on my daily commute. A series I've really enjoyed recently is The Public Philosopher:

Political philosopher Professor Michael Sandel challenges an audience to apply some critical thinking to issues people usually rely on instinct to resolve. Recorded at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Professor Sandel debates issues such as education, social equality and healthcare.

Read more... )

If you have some time to spare I'd really suggest to give this a listen (maybe while driving or cooking?). Podcasts of all episodes are available on the site but in case it doesn't work for you here's an upload link for Welfare & The American Dream.

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This story warms my heart in all the different, awesome ways possible.

Bill Fay is an 'obscure singer/songwriter' who recorded two records in the early 70's that didn't do well. Then he disappeared. He kept writing songs and recording just for himself, but he hasn't recorded in 40 years. In recent years some other artists rediscovered some of his songs and done covers. This year he decided to put another album of songs he had lying around, with the firm expectation that it would sink like a stone in the sea of new releases. There was no promotion to speak of. But it happened anyway. The album went in on number 4 in Norway, and has been in the top 40 indie charts for 3 weeks in the UK. Because awesome music will always be found by awesome music lovers.

Bill has gone into hiding for now, bemused and somewhat overwhelmed by the turn of events.

If you like Dylan-type folk songs, this might be for you.

Check out this interview and the music here.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012 08:23 pm
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On my way home today I caught an interview with Damian Lewis on Front Row (I'm not sure whether the download works outside of the UK - feedback on that welcome). That guy sounds so different in RL, it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out who he was.
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This is yesterdays news and I guess everybody who is interested has already heard about this, but just in case this passed you by:

At the end of November David Tennant again read for BBC4 'Book at Bedtime' under the title 'Night With A Vampire'. It's a collection of short stories about vampires ranging from the 19th and 20th century, this year it includes stories from Edith Wharton, Angela Carter, Fritz Leiber, Robert Swindells and Richard Matheson. Downloads are available at David Tennant's website.

Last years stories are available for download here.

I caught a couple of the segments on the car radio on my way home from work and enjoyed the readings very much.

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