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Birthdate:Feb 13
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:East of Eden
I've got a busy job and not enough time in my life for friends & family, hobbies and housework. I'm three years behind with the laundry, two years behind with my vidding, one season behind with most tv series and a few weeks behind with answering e-mails and returning phone calls.

I'm here mostly to keep up with vidding and meta-related news through lurking on other people's flists. Since I have trouble to keep my website up-dated I doubt that I will posting here a lot, but I might use lj for some tv and vid related musings. Or not, only time will tell.

I was never much into tv, my thing really is music and movies. And then there was the day I went to pick up a friend and had to watch the last 15 minutes of a Buffy episode (2x06 Halloween - to say it did not make any sense would be an understatement). The rest is history. I can not say that anything has ever come close the affection I have for BtVS, and by extension, the Whedonverse, but I have found enough other shows to keep my viewing schedule busy.

I was born in the year the United States, the UK and the Soviet Union signed the Outer Space Treaty, Suharto took over power from Sukarno in Indonesia, the Six Day War took place, the British Parliament decriminalized homosexuality, the Doors and Pink Floyd release their debut albums, Christian Barnard carried out the first heart transplant, Elvis marries Priscilla, Che Guevara was executed and Kurt Cobain was born. I do not remember any of these events. I have got a bad memory in general but for some reason seem able to retain completely useless and trivial information (Kirk's middle name is Tiberius, the Impala's license plate number KAZ 2Y5....)

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blond vampires, cute vampires, evil with a grin, ice hockey, learning foreign languages, meeting people, music - 80's music, music - all music, music - classic rock, music - depeche mode, music - indie rock, photography, tv - bsg, tv - btvs, tv - criminal minds, tv - dexter, tv - farscape, tv - firefly, tv - fluffy tv, tv - fnl, tv - homeland, tv - in treatment, tv - justified, tv - qaf(uk), tv - skins, tv - southland, tv - supernatural, tv - teen wolf, tv - vampire diaries, tv - veronica mars, tv - west wing, tv - white collar, vidders, vidding, vidukon, visiting far flung places, vividcon, whedonverse, work
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