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Holy shit, Criminal Minds, what was that I just watched? (o)(o)

Clearly some h/c fangirls have invaded the writers room. And the fact that Thomas Gibson was directing and Shemar half naked for most of the episode gave the whole thing an extra layer of pain voyorism and slash on top of all the emotional and physical hurt. I'm still shellshocked.

We started with Morgan popping out of a very handy people transporting container thingy that converted into a cross. Obviously bondage here.

Then we have some wee little Morgan having his Dad killed in from of him.

There is some fire play, too. Seriously.

Further whumpage in the form of self-inflicted acid burns.

We think we get a little bit of respite when Morgan dissociates to the country side, but then he & Dad discuss Bamford and Morgan's face just crumbles.

Back at base camp Morgan hurts and gets increasingling more distressed.

Finally, after some knife play, we get team comforting at last.

The End (well, then Morgan dies, and finds out he'll be a dad and comes back to live and pops the question. Whatever.) I've also left out some of emo hurt (Morgan being 'ignored' by the team) and comfort, which in this show was mostly verbal, because they'd made boring pics.

As I said, still shellshocked. But I've got to say, Shemar's abs acting was terrific, and it was so nice to see Danny Glover again as Morgan's Dad.


This one is on par with Reid's heroin fuelled abduction back when. This should make for some great Reid/Morgan fic.

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