Eurovision Show 2016

Saturday, 4 March 2017 01:48 pm
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Late is better than never, right? Right??? With this in mind find here last year's Eurovison show listing - a vid show aiming to showcase European vidding talent, source and music and to celebrate the diversity of the European vidding community.

None of this would be possible without the vidders from all over the world who are contributing to this show, letting us show vids from their back catalogue, making premiere vids and providing 'vidder postcards' to introduce themselves and their vids. The latter have become an integral part of the show, setting it apart from other vid shows. The big perk of curating this show is getting to know all these lovely people and talented vidders across so many different platforms, nations and languages.

This year (well, last year) we had 13 vids (including 3 shiny premieres!!!!) in the show, two of the vidders were able to attend the convention, including Mathilde who was a first-time attendee and managed to join us despite a house fire, lack of funds and other adversities. and 6 send a vid postcard, giving the show again a very inclusive and personal feel.

Please check out the vidders vids and leave feedback at their journal, channel or tumblr to let them know that you enjoyed their work. For vids for lesser known European movies or TV shows I have included imdb links, in case you want to check out the source dircetly.

Despite repeated testing there are normally some bad/wrong links that sneak into my posts (it's a gremelin or some such thing, I'm sure), so please don't be offended if the link for your vid leads to Timelapse of paint drying or your name links to Sarah Pailin's website, just let me know and I'll fix it.

Retro Step-up by Norlack (Ukraine)
Source: Multi-fandom
Music: Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley (US)
"Put music to our troubles and we'll dance them away!" Aaron Weiss. This is a very dynamic, fun vid which is edited very tightly and looks utterly modern despite the source and music being half a century old by now.

Carousel by loki (Russia) * PREMIERE
Source: Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adele Blan-Sec (France)
Music: Peter Peter (Canada)
Dealing with suitors, monsters & sand in her shoes - just another day at the office for Adele. This vid is just as quirky as the movie. Great use of lyrics and narrative structuring make this accessible to anybody who has not seen the movie.This vid was commissioned specially for the show.

Wir Beiden by [personal profile] isagel (Sweden)
Source: Kommissar Rex (Austria)
Music: Juli (Germany)
The story of a detective and his dog. Or a dog and his detective? This is better than bromance, balm for the soul, fun, touching and sweet.

Honey And The Moon by [personal profile] anoel (US)
Source: Football RPF (Germany)
Music: Joseph McArthur (US)
This vid has a special place in my heart, the bromance, the optimism and enthusiasm of the team, and the 'aligning of the stars that made it all converge in (spoiler). And Anoel found just the right footage on and off pitch and wrapped it up as a lovely bromance story.

Ich Laufe by [personal profile] amnisias (Germany)* PREMIERE
Source: Freier Fall (Germany)
Music: Tim Bendzko (Germany)
"I'm running away, as fast and far as I can, and only when the feeling stops I'm finally home" or the German Brokeback Mountain.

Can't Pretend by feuwise (France)Source: The Following (US)
Music: Tom Odell (UK)
Violent and bloody, beautiful and mesmerizing - the relationship between hunter and hunted, between detective and serial killer. An obsession, an attraction, an infatuation. This vid captures it all. An no, this is not Hanibal.

Monument by[personal profile] condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*
Source: Calvary (Ireland)
Music: Royksopp & Robyn (Norway/Sweden)
As all of condnsdmlk's vids this has stunning editing and beautiful visuals and unfolds at slow pace, but the pay-off is so worth it.

[ profile] cherryice(Canada)
Source: Let The Right One In (Sweden)
Music: Tori Amos (US)
Why can't it be beautiful? A vid about friendship and otherness.

Truth is a Matter of Circumstance by Fortnoir (Italy)Source: Multi-fandom
Music: Dark Shadows Prologue Danny Elfman (US)
The Black Widow across time, place and media. I just love how this vid uses multi-media & multi-source material to flash out the story of Natasha Romanova. Very cleverly done.

Making Waves by[personal profile] niyalune (Swiss)
Source: Mad Max Fury Road (US)
Music: Fight Song by Rachel Platten (US)
Can you hear my voice this time? Great editing and movement troughout.

Firestarter by [personal profile] violace(Germany)
Source: Supergirl (US)
Music: Demi Lovato (US)
A celebration of Kara as the hero, and as the person under the costume, and the people who love her..

Jane Austin by Mathilde (France)
Source: Multi (US/UK)
Music: August's Rhapsody by Mark Mancina (US)
A celebration of Jane Austen, and all the fanfic writers and fangirls that came after her....such a fitting end for the vid show.

Eurovision Show 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014 11:57 am
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A vid show showcasing European vidding talent and European source and celibrates the diversity of the European vidding community.

As last year, my biggest 'Thank You' goes out to all the vidders who have let me show their vids, agreed to make premieres especially for the vid show and contributed 'vid postcards' to introduce themseves and their vids. I've had such lovely feedback and participation across all platforms and vidding communities and the responses have been positive throughout, even though the timing of VidUKon this year meant that some people were right in the middle of their exams when I was pestering them with my requests.

This year we had 13 vids (including 3 shiny premieres!!!!) in the show, two of the vidders were able to attend the convention and 6 send a vid postcard, giving the show again a very inclusive and personal feel.

Please check out the vidders vids and leave feedback at their journal, channel or tumblr to let them know that you enjoyed their work. For vids for lesser known European movies or TV shows I have included imdb links, in case you want to check out the source dircetly.

Multifandom Mashup 2013 by Pteryx (Belarus)
Read more... )

My World by Ufets (Kazachstan)
Read more... )

Never Forgotten, Never Coming Back by StrangerInTokyo (USA)
Read more... )

Walk on Water by [ profile] sabrina_il (Israel)
Read more... )
Beautiful War by HumanEvolutionMutant (Romania)
Read more... )

Veins by [ profile] vi0lace (Germany) *PREMIERE*
Read more... )

This Is How An Angel Dies by mozaikue (Montenegro)
Read more... )

Lore by melodyofafallentree (Germany)
Read more... )

Born To Live by [ profile] jagwriter78 (Germany) *PREMIERE*
Read more... )

What Do You See by smska1995 (Ukraine)
Read more... )

Everybody Wants To Rule the World by feuwise (France)
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Voodoo People by [ profile] condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*
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Unthinkable Mom by MyUniquevil (Russia)
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Show-casing European Vidders, European Soure and European Music

A big 'Than You' to all the brilliant vidders who contributed, those who agreed to make shiny new Premiere vids just for this show and those who let me show a vid from their back catalogue. Several of the vidders in this show are not using LJ as their primary distribution platform and did not know me, but everybody I approached was more than happy to help out. A good number of vidders were interested in attending the con but for many this is not feasible due to costs, distance and sometimes visa issues - so we decided to make a little intro vid with 'greetings' from all those who wanted to contribute and I am still amazed and grateful how much work people have put into those vidlets and slide shows, they really gave the show a special feel and were very much enjoyed by the audience!

The vid show contains 14 vids made by vidders from 10 different countries, source from 7 countries and 4 Premieres. Since the show had to be under 50 minutes I could not include all the vids I wanted but I tried to include vidders, source and music from as many different countries as possible. I have also added imdb links for the non-English movies for those of you who want to check any of them out.

Please check out the vids and leave feedback to the vidders if you enjoyed their work - even if they are not based on LJ - I know it will greatly appreciated.

Making Of... by Faith & Selabris (Ukraine)

Source: Pulse, Veronica Mars, Original (all US)
Music: She from Atomic (Sweden)

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Ash & Dust by [ profile] katrindepp (Russia)

Source: Multi-fandom (US & UK)
Music: Electric Bloom by Cristal Castles (Canada), Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (US)

Read more... )

Slow Burn by [ profile] isagel (Sweden)

Source: Das Leben der Anderen (Germany)
Music: Slow-burn by David Bowie

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As Above So Below by [ profile] imbir (Poland/New Zealand)

Source: El laberinto del fauno - Pan's Labyrinth (Spain)
Music: Tempus Vernum by Enya (Irland) and Pajaros by Gustavo Santaolalla (Argentine)

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Spiel mit mir by [ profile] condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*

Source: Le pacte des loups - Brotherhood of Wolves (France)
Music: Spiel mit mir by Rammstein (Germany)

IRead more... )

Kopfkino by [ profile] vi0lace (Germany) *PREMIERE*

Source: Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken - Love in Thought (Germany)
Music: Kopfkino by Letzte Instanz (Germany)

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Once Upon a Time by [ profile] galadriel34 (Hungary)

Source: Ondine (Irland)
Music: All Alright by Ros Sigur (Iceland)

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Madagascar Style by Uk@R (Russia)

Source: Madagascar 1 & 2, The Penguins of Madagascar (US)
Music: Gangnam Style by Psy (South Korea)

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Le Manège by [ profile] buffyann (France)

Source: Pushing Daisies (US)
Music: Le Manège by Stanislas (France)

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Mathilde & Manech by LesyalLeto (Russia)

Source Un long dimanche de fiançailles - A Very Long Engagement (France)
Music: Saving Payton by John Nordstrom (US)

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Intouchables ¦¦ Kind and Lionheart by CantRushPerfection (Sitzerland) *PREMIERE*

Source: Intouchables - Untouchable (France)
Music: King and Lionheart by Of Monster and Men (Iceland)

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Beads of Time by [ profile] legoline (Germany) *PREMIERE*

Source: Krabat - Krabat and the Legend of the Satanic Mill (Germany)
Music: Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin (UK)

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And Still This Heart Will Yearn by [ profile] secretlytodream (Russia)

Source: Teen Wolf (US)
Music: Dia Dos Namorados! by Broken Records (Scotland)

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Stars, Skies, Boats & Seas by AnnaGiuliaFiction (Italy)

Source: Multifandom (US/UK)
Music: Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk (US)

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