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Saturday, 4 March 2017 01:48 pm
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Late is better than never, right? Right??? With this in mind find here last year's Eurovison show listing - a vid show aiming to showcase European vidding talent, source and music and to celebrate the diversity of the European vidding community.

None of this would be possible without the vidders from all over the world who are contributing to this show, letting us show vids from their back catalogue, making premiere vids and providing 'vidder postcards' to introduce themselves and their vids. The latter have become an integral part of the show, setting it apart from other vid shows. The big perk of curating this show is getting to know all these lovely people and talented vidders across so many different platforms, nations and languages.

This year (well, last year) we had 13 vids (including 3 shiny premieres!!!!) in the show, two of the vidders were able to attend the convention, including Mathilde who was a first-time attendee and managed to join us despite a house fire, lack of funds and other adversities. and 6 send a vid postcard, giving the show again a very inclusive and personal feel.

Please check out the vidders vids and leave feedback at their journal, channel or tumblr to let them know that you enjoyed their work. For vids for lesser known European movies or TV shows I have included imdb links, in case you want to check out the source dircetly.

Despite repeated testing there are normally some bad/wrong links that sneak into my posts (it's a gremelin or some such thing, I'm sure), so please don't be offended if the link for your vid leads to Timelapse of paint drying or your name links to Sarah Pailin's website, just let me know and I'll fix it.

Retro Step-up by Norlack (Ukraine)
Source: Multi-fandom
Music: Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley (US)
"Put music to our troubles and we'll dance them away!" Aaron Weiss. This is a very dynamic, fun vid which is edited very tightly and looks utterly modern despite the source and music being half a century old by now.

Carousel by loki (Russia) * PREMIERE
Source: Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adele Blan-Sec (France)
Music: Peter Peter (Canada)
Dealing with suitors, monsters & sand in her shoes - just another day at the office for Adele. This vid is just as quirky as the movie. Great use of lyrics and narrative structuring make this accessible to anybody who has not seen the movie.This vid was commissioned specially for the show.

Wir Beiden by [personal profile] isagel (Sweden)
Source: Kommissar Rex (Austria)
Music: Juli (Germany)
The story of a detective and his dog. Or a dog and his detective? This is better than bromance, balm for the soul, fun, touching and sweet.

Honey And The Moon by [personal profile] anoel (US)
Source: Football RPF (Germany)
Music: Joseph McArthur (US)
This vid has a special place in my heart, the bromance, the optimism and enthusiasm of the team, and the 'aligning of the stars that made it all converge in (spoiler). And Anoel found just the right footage on and off pitch and wrapped it up as a lovely bromance story.

Ich Laufe by [personal profile] amnisias (Germany)* PREMIERE
Source: Freier Fall (Germany)
Music: Tim Bendzko (Germany)
"I'm running away, as fast and far as I can, and only when the feeling stops I'm finally home" or the German Brokeback Mountain.

Can't Pretend by feuwise (France)Source: The Following (US)
Music: Tom Odell (UK)
Violent and bloody, beautiful and mesmerizing - the relationship between hunter and hunted, between detective and serial killer. An obsession, an attraction, an infatuation. This vid captures it all. An no, this is not Hanibal.

Monument by[personal profile] condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*
Source: Calvary (Ireland)
Music: Royksopp & Robyn (Norway/Sweden)
As all of condnsdmlk's vids this has stunning editing and beautiful visuals and unfolds at slow pace, but the pay-off is so worth it.

[ profile] cherryice(Canada)
Source: Let The Right One In (Sweden)
Music: Tori Amos (US)
Why can't it be beautiful? A vid about friendship and otherness.

Truth is a Matter of Circumstance by Fortnoir (Italy)Source: Multi-fandom
Music: Dark Shadows Prologue Danny Elfman (US)
The Black Widow across time, place and media. I just love how this vid uses multi-media & multi-source material to flash out the story of Natasha Romanova. Very cleverly done.

Making Waves by[personal profile] niyalune (Swiss)
Source: Mad Max Fury Road (US)
Music: Fight Song by Rachel Platten (US)
Can you hear my voice this time? Great editing and movement troughout.

Firestarter by [personal profile] violace(Germany)
Source: Supergirl (US)
Music: Demi Lovato (US)
A celebration of Kara as the hero, and as the person under the costume, and the people who love her..

Jane Austin by Mathilde (France)
Source: Multi (US/UK)
Music: August's Rhapsody by Mark Mancina (US)
A celebration of Jane Austen, and all the fanfic writers and fangirls that came after her....such a fitting end for the vid show.

Eurovision Show 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014 11:57 am
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A vid show showcasing European vidding talent and European source and celibrates the diversity of the European vidding community.

As last year, my biggest 'Thank You' goes out to all the vidders who have let me show their vids, agreed to make premieres especially for the vid show and contributed 'vid postcards' to introduce themseves and their vids. I've had such lovely feedback and participation across all platforms and vidding communities and the responses have been positive throughout, even though the timing of VidUKon this year meant that some people were right in the middle of their exams when I was pestering them with my requests.

This year we had 13 vids (including 3 shiny premieres!!!!) in the show, two of the vidders were able to attend the convention and 6 send a vid postcard, giving the show again a very inclusive and personal feel.

Please check out the vidders vids and leave feedback at their journal, channel or tumblr to let them know that you enjoyed their work. For vids for lesser known European movies or TV shows I have included imdb links, in case you want to check out the source dircetly.

Multifandom Mashup 2013 by Pteryx (Belarus)
Read more... )

My World by Ufets (Kazachstan)
Read more... )

Never Forgotten, Never Coming Back by StrangerInTokyo (USA)
Read more... )

Walk on Water by [ profile] sabrina_il (Israel)
Read more... )
Beautiful War by HumanEvolutionMutant (Romania)
Read more... )

Veins by [ profile] vi0lace (Germany) *PREMIERE*
Read more... )

This Is How An Angel Dies by mozaikue (Montenegro)
Read more... )

Lore by melodyofafallentree (Germany)
Read more... )

Born To Live by [ profile] jagwriter78 (Germany) *PREMIERE*
Read more... )

What Do You See by smska1995 (Ukraine)
Read more... )

Everybody Wants To Rule the World by feuwise (France)
Read more... )

Voodoo People by [ profile] condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*
Read more... )

Unthinkable Mom by MyUniquevil (Russia)
Read more... )
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I've not had much time yet and only dip a big toe into the pond of vid goodness, mostly checking out fandoms I know and love, but these have caught my eye so far:

Ah Mary - a brilliant Ava vid (Justified) . It's a celebration of everything Ava, all ballsy and badass, and men only featuring as decoration or target practice. Great song, too!

Dance Apocalyptic - Footloose 1984. I dare you to keep your feet still, this is ultra bouncy, with perfect timing, and has got ALL the bits you love about the movie.

Who Are You, Defenders of the Univers - The Americans. A total powerhouse vid. Really great edity, use of external footage and pacing. Plus, it manages to wrangle a cohesive narrative from the show, which, if you know The Americans, is kind of tricky, because it's so many different things, and motivations and alliances constantly change. But this really nailed the core of the show.

No Church in the Wild - The Tudors. This is one of those vids. The music choice should not really work with the source, exept that it totally does, and is inspired. Really well edited, using symbolism and parallelism to great effect and visually just stunning.

What I Like About You - Such an eye opener. Honestly, I've never really have given much thought to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I never knew they were the daddy of all bromance to come. Guys, they love each other so much. This vid is full of fun and bounce and great timing and celebration. Love it!

It's Not The Same - Walk on Water. As always, festivids is dominated by english language source and music - this gem is a lovely exception, and a great relationship vid. It made me fall for the characters also I do not know the source.

Vids of the Months

Wednesday, 1 January 2014 05:02 pm
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Look at that - I've not posted any of the 'Vids of the Months' for the last 18 months! Have the recs for 2013, for any previous recs see here (appologies to those who I did not post). Let me know if you find any bad links, it's a cut & past job from my web page, and the html sometimes gets 'Lost in Translation'.

[December 13]
Somebody That I Used To Know by [ profile] froggimus_rex:

I'm a big fan of vids for rare source, and this one hits all my kinks. This BBC miniseries is both visually as dramatically excellent, but difficult to watch. I did not ever expect anybody to be able to pull of to vid it and do it justice, but boy, do I love to be proven wrong.  (The Fall)

[November 13]
Stars, Skies, Boats & Seas by AnnaGiuliaFiction:

To everyone I found and everyone I lost...Thank you for staying, or - if you had to leave, thank you for the stardust you left for me to remember you by.  (Multi)

[October 13]
Here I am by [ profile] tearful_eye:

A most joyous vid, uplifting, beautiful and dynamic. The vidder turns a schmoopy love song into a celebration of dragons, fandom and life! (Dragons)

[September 13]
Hymn to the Hollow by [ profile] beccatoria:

Sleepy Hollow is a brillinat new show which offers OTT silliness, drama, supernatural history and emotions in equal messures. This vid hones in on the feels and the relationships, I love the music choice and editing. (The Ike & Abby Show)

[August 13]
Barton Hollow by [ profile] fan_eunice:

This vid is as dramatic, emotional and disturbing as the source but also adds further layers - a great exploration of the main characters.  (Homeland)

[July 13]
Bad Things by [ profile] niyalune:

An exploration of how the adults are violent and abusive towards the teens in ways that can be described as sexually charged, without the kids ever consenting. (Teen Wolf)

[June 13]
The Price of Imagination by [ profile] meivocis:

In honor of the weirdest, creepiest, goriest, most disturbing New Kid on the Block Box. This vid makes great use of the stunning visuals and creates a dream-like atmosphere to show us what it's like to be Will Graham.  (Hannibal)

[May 13]
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by [ profile] obsessive24:

Visually stunning source, brilliant vidder and Shakespeare - a match made in heaven! There was nobody who did not know who the vidder of this festivid was. (Hollow Crown)

[April 13]
Shake It Out by [ profile] mresundance:

My fav from last year's VVC. Beautiful source and powerful song that work on so many levles - as a tragic love story, as re-framing of history or as an allegorical tale. Whichever way you read it - it's very affecting (The New World - Movie)

[March 13]
Never Fogotten, Never Coming Back by StrangerInTokyo:

A very effective vid that makes the best use of a hauntigly beautiful song and harrowingly beautiful source. Great use of text and lyrics as well. No prior knowledge of source required. (NaPolA)

[February 13]
Falling Earth by Faith:

The end of the world as we know it, depressing yet beautiful. (Multifandom)

[January 13]
Rid of Me  by [ profile] condnsdmlk:

Love & pain combined in a seductive mix of carnal desires and deep emotional conections, this vid is in turn touching, harrowing and sexy.  (Legend of the Seeker)
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...*oops, I've done it again!* Looks like the 3-monthly updates are being posted every 5 months? Ah, well, better late than never...

August 2012:
The Multifandom Games: Survival by [ profile] rhoboat
Celebrating the Olympic Games Fandom. Brilliant vid, this is so much fun, a great concept and perfect execution of said concept. (Multi-fandom)

September 2012:
We Can Work It Out by [ profile] lamardeuse
This vid captures the fun and bromance of Common Law perfectly. Simultaniously a celebration of a new show a swan song since it was cancelled after only one season. (Common Law)

October 2012:
Drink Me by [ profile] bironic
Such a clever concept with beautifully constructed audio and great execution. Very timely for Halloween. ('True Blood/Queen of the Damned)

November 2012:
Youkali Tango by [ profile] hazelk
What an amazing idea - a dollhouse vid from a doll POV. I loved the dream-like, disjointed flow of non-narrative that captures the doll experience so perfectly. The use of FY visually differentiates the confusion the dolls must feel when they are thrown in or jerked out of a reallity and the -false- sense of clarity and stability when they are in any given reality that is not their own. (Dollhouse)

December 2012:
And Still This Heart Will Yearn by [ profile] secretlytodream
I'm one of the people who do Teen Wolf all wrong. I don't get the Derek/Stiles, I don't mind Scott and am perpetually puzzled by fanon. I hope we can agree that this Jackson vid with a side of Lydia is haunting and beautiful. (Teen Wolf)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.
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...has it really been 6 months already?

July 2012:
Naturally by [ profile] china_shop 
To celibrate that White Collar is gonna be back later this months, have a little gem of a vid that creates a very convincing slash narrative with a minor character. (White Collar)

June 2012:
Wintersong by [ profile] barkley
Masterful combination of nature shots and expressions of quiet dispair that is both sombering and uplifting in it's silent acceptance of lonleliness and refusal to give up. No need to know the source, this vid speaks loud and clear for itself. (Jesse Stone)

May 2012:
Personal Jesus by [ profile] bradcpu
A powerful study of faith in Firefly. Love the use of effects here, which fit both the visuals of the show and reference the original music video. (Firefly)

April 2012:
Love Hurts by [ profile] fan_eunice
I can NOT believe that this was pulled off in only 24 hours! Apart from the obvious squee factors - a Haven vid! a Nathan-crying-on-the-beach exploration! there is much more to love here. I particularly love how the vid pulls out the tonal range of blues and greys and conveys a sense of seperatness and isolation. (Haven)

March 2012:
A boy, a girl and a graveyard by [ profile] obsessive24
One of those vids that make a show look way better than it is. Covert Affairs is a fluffly, light-hearted spy story. This vid pulls together a lot of small, disparate moments into a clever juxtapostion of experiencing the world through vision and touch. And there is bonus 'Awwwww'. (Covert Affairs)

February 2012:
Tragic Mountain by [ profile] missbreese
Because there's nothing scarier than a Disney movie in this world.

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.

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January 2012:
Never Tear Me Apart by [ profile] maichan
 A true master piece that still leaves me speechless 18 months later. The argument is so well constructed, and makes a point that was long overdue. I also love that the vid keeps its true heart hidden at the beginning, luring the watcher to cheer it along until it gradually reveals it true nature. (multi-fandom meta)

December 2011:
Identical Snowflakes by [ profile] icepixie 
Perfect holiday vid. This has a beautiful flow, both visually and musically, just like the titular snowflakes. Lovely editing that is very unobtrusive makes the different sources look like they were always meant to go together. (Astaire & Rogers)

November 2011:
Somewhere Only We Know by[ profile] kiki_miserychic 
Okay, I'm cheating a bit since this was posted in December, but who cares? This is a mix of childhood nostalgia and joyous celebration of honey. The editing makes great use of the internal motion to make this a very organic vid. Also amazing to see this vidder departing from her usually more experimental style with such an ease. (Winnie the Poo)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.

(no subject)

Friday, 30 December 2011 02:17 pm
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October 2011:
On The Prowl by [ profile] sweetestdrain and [ profile] sisabet
 A true master piece that still leaves me speechless 18 months later. The argument is so well constructed, and makes a point that was long overdue. I also love that the vid keeps its true heart hidden at the beginning, luring the watcher to cheer it along until it gradually reveals it true nature. (multi-fandom meta)

September 2011:
One Week by [ profile] halcyon_shift 
What is better than if one of your vids inspires another vidder to make an even better vid? Particularly if that increases the number of vids in this fandom by 50%. This vid is pure squee and joy and just right to celebrate the return of the TV season. (NCIS Los Angeles - yes, really)

August 2011:
Feel It In My Bones by[ profile] greensilver 
The epic OT3 that is The Vampire Diaries. This vid balances all 3 relationships perfectly and strips all the rediculouslness of the show away. The editing perfectly brings out the drama, angst and poignency and it is so well structured that it is equally accessible to fans of the show and people who have never seen it. (The Vampire Diaries)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.

(no subject)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 12:03 am
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July 2011:
Tonight I'm f...king your by [ profile] talitha78
 OMG, how did this happen, I don't have a White Collar vid rec yet!!  It was damn hard to just pick one, because there are so many really great ones, but in the end I settled on this, because it got the pretty, the suave and the sizzle..... and the lulz. Seems that talitha is my go to girl for summer vids. Health Warnings Apply. (White Collar)

June 2011:
Lose My Breath by [ profile] deirdre_c 
I love ballet, Baryshnikov and this movie. I haven't seen it in over a decade, but this vid just brought it all back to me. Even though it's ostensibly 'just' a dance vid it actually looks very closely at the relationship and tensions between the leads.
A lovely piece of 80's nostalgia, study in movement and editing. (White Nights - Movie) 

May 2011:
Supernatural at the Movies (Sequel) by[ profile] ash48 
This is  a must-see-vid for everybody, no matter whether you love, loath or don't care about Supernatural. But the creativity and skill on display here is just mind-blowing. I defy anybody to take one TV show and make it look like Hitchcock, Coppola or Boyle, and do so with such an ease. (Supernatural)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.

Time for vid recs

Sunday, 29 May 2011 08:18 pm
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April 2011:

Deep by [ profile] rhoboat
Let's have some more Farscape. Very dark, intense and disturbing, but all the better for it. Also a great example of a vid that finds vidability in an Industrial Rock song and uses it to full effect to support the visuals but never letting it overpower the vid. Colour me 'in awe'. (Farscape)

March 2011:
Broken by [ profile] astarte 
*humming* 'Buffy was my first love and it will be my last....' I love that this show is still generating vids that are fresh and new. This one looks at our most beloved basement-dweller, Xander, his relationship with Willow and all his trials and tribulations . And while you're there, why don't you check out astarte's Remix of 'Dizzy' - a really fun, dynamic Spike - Willow vid.(BtVS)

February 2011:
Shock The Monkey by [ profile] giandujakiss 
I enjoy vids that go beyond pure celebration and try to make an argument or challenge the source. There are tons of celebratory Steve/Danno vids out there, this one provides a counterargument.
(Hawaii Five-0)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.
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....or rather: January was the time for vid recs, but I missed it. Story of my life. Rather belated I give you:

Januar 2011:

The Return by [ profile] ladymajavader
Again a vid that has been around for some time, but I only discovered it recently.  A beautifully executed vid with a clear and compelling narrative that seamlessly incorporates a multitude of different fandoms. Gentle, understated but very powerful.(Multi)

December 2010:
Still Alive by [ profile] counteragent 
A look at the SPN fandom by the Queen of Meta. So clever both in content and in editing that I could watch it on endless loop. This is one her older ones, but since this was the first I ever saw from her, it gets the rec.(Meta - SPN)

November 2010:
If I Had You by [ profile] dualbunny 
One of the highlights at Club Vivid this year. Until I saw this vid I had no idea what the OTP in the Legends of the Seeker universe was. I totally shipped the wrong couple while the show was on the air.(LotS)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.
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October 2010:
I Wanna Hold Your Hand by [ profile] isagel 
I was expecting blood, gore and torture but I got a vid that at long last addresses Tony Hills fetishism. - Yes, I know. I didn't know he had one either, hence the awesomeness of this vid.(Blood on the Wire)

September 2010:
Moments by [ profile] diarmi 
I could hug this vid to pieces. A lovely, warm and gentle look at the Farscape Universe.

August 2010:
One-Night Fandoms - A Tribute to Yuletide by [ profile] thingswithwings & [ profile] eruthros 
Such an amazing vidding feat, juggling 191 fandoms (yes that's right - one hundred and fricking ninety-one), each represented by just a tiny 17 frame - clip. (Meta)

As always, previous Vids of the Month here.
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Got back home early this morning and went straight to bed for some catch-up sleep, but it's to noisy around here, so now I got myself a strong coffee and moved myself in front of the computer. Best bits, in no particular order:


- I so loved the panels! Interacting with other vidders in real time and discussing vidding, editing, and all sorts of related issues is something that the internets can't give me.
- For the same reasons: Concrit, in-depth review & vid review.
- For the fun and excitement factor: Club Vivid, Premiers & Challenges. Danced my feet of at the former and had my mind blown by the latter two.

- Meeting new people and getting to put faces to names! So many lovely people, so little time...Very thankful to the con com for providing us with large print id and [ profile] par_avion printing off user icons.
- BADFIC! Aragorn doing cartwheels - for no particular reason - and horse porn are burned into my brain forever.
- Trip to the Fields Museum with [ profile] talitha78 including 'behind the scenes' access.
- HBO delivering the perfect True Blood episode for a VVC room party.

- Stay Awake by [ profile] laurashapiro. As it says on the tin: don't close your eyes! (not yet released - premier vid)
- Bitter-Sweet by [ profile] mresundance. Visually stunning (man, those colours) re-telling of Kingdom of Heaven from a neglected POV. (premier vid)
- On the Prowl by [ profile] sweetestdrain and [ profile] sisabet . Utter mind-fuck of the best kind, making a statement that was long overdue. (not yet released - challenge vid)
- Ada by [ profile] braver_creature. Makes Inglorious Bastards look like an art house film and celebrates the power of vidding! (premier vid)
- Party in the Midlands by [ profile] millylicious. Perfection in motion...(Club Vivid premier)
- Wild Horses by [ profile] dualbunny. A celebratory relationship vid for a classic pairing. (auction vid)
- Deeper and Deeper by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl . Manages to make LotS look dark and edgy. I adore this vid. (premiered on the sexuality vid show)
- Etheric Messages by [ profile] thuviaptarth. Very creepy and intriguing to somebody who's never seen Fringe. (new to me vid seen at the vid reading panel)
-Also dying to see Goodbye by [ profile] heresluck and Becoming Brothers by [ profile] kassrachel  because I sat through them with my eyes closes - I still haven't seen season four of Friday Night Lights

More recs might come later. Need sleep now...

*Note to self 8 hours later: Need to click the post button*

Vid recs - update

Saturday, 24 July 2010 02:21 pm
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July 2010:
Summer Love by [ profile] talitha78:
Maybe a bit out of left field, but this is just the perfect summer vid. Sun shine, blue skies, beach, long drinks and summer bromance. (The OC) 

June 2010:
Patterns by [ profile] lithiumchic 
This vid manages to look beyond the perennial sunshine and fruit supply. Dark and disturbing, and the best fit of visuals, lyrics and music I've seen in a long time. (Life)

May 2010:
(now that I can) Dance by [ profile] ladymajavader 
Hopefully this might cheer up - at least momentarily - those that are mourning Legend Of The Seekers.

Beginning of the End by [ profile] humansrsuperior 
This rips my heart out, this beautifully edited vid perfectly fits the haunting music and evokes a feeling of quiet despair. (BSG)

As always, previous Vids of the Month can be found here.

Vid recs

Sunday, 21 March 2010 12:16 pm
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A disclaimer first. I'm still figuring out how coding translates to LJ, so this might go all wrong.

January 2010:
Meddle by bop_radar:
This vid is like a summary of why I watch Vampire Diaries. The dark, the subversive, the tongue-in- cheek. There is a lot of soapiness about in the show, too, so some 'selective viewing skills' are required.

February 2010:
Day Carry Night by tearful-eye:
Perfect synthesis of beautiful imagery and clear narrative. Breaks my heart. More people need to vid Criminal Minds.

March 2010:
Blind Luck by heresluck:
A celebration of family, friendship and community. All warm and glowy and safe, no angst in sight. I miss this show... (Firefly, what else).

You can find the previous vid recs here.

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