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Saturday, 15 July 2017 02:06 pm
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This year's Vidukon Premiere was the Norwegian Show Øyevitne - it's a 'coming-of-age/coming-out' story rolled into a crime drama, steeped in Nordic Noir story-telling. It's not actually a whodunit since we know who did it from the start, it focuses more on the 'why' and the ripple-effect of the crime as it impacts on a whole community. Some similarities to Broadchurch in that respect, I guess. The show was remade for US TV last year with some success, so I thought it would be nice to commemorate the original as well.

Streaming via youtube and download at my website.

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This vid was done very quickly, it's not beta-ed and it's still kind of unfinished becaused my tech played decided to be stubborn and would just crash any time I opened the vid, so most of my time 'working on the vid' was trying to get the darn thing to render. Note to slef, SV does not like HD mp4 source.

I kind of fell head over heel for Lucifer last season, despite plenty of arguemtns against it. But what can you do? Clearly I've got a thing for snarky, politically incorrect Brits.

Vid: Call Me Devil
Song: Call Me Devil
Artist: Friends in Tokio

Download here
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Last year VidUkon Premieres were rather dark and serious, so I opted for something fun & fluffy this year (appearantly everybody else had the same idea, because the whole show was much more upbeat & light-hearted).

I really enjoyed Gracelands first seaon last summer, the fun SoCal athmosphere, the lovely community feel in the 'house' and the slash-potential between Mike & Briggs (or pretty much any other two or threeway imaginable - you don't even have to squint). So this is that vid - Mike loves the way it feels, living on the beach, handeling big guns, going under-cover and knowing Briggs is always there when he needs him. No hidden depth here and not betaed either, so don't expect anything else than fun & squee.


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Revealing reveals

Sunday, 9 February 2014 01:45 pm
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First & formost for the amazing & entertaining [livejournal.com profile] isagel, queen of fic and visually stunning vids, secondly for everybody who loves The Americans and their somewhat screwed up lives and last (but by no way least) to all sleeper agents around the world.

This show is a perpetual emotional roller-coster, for the protagonists as well as the viewer. The vid concentrates on Elizabeth, who tries to be all things to all people. A hard-nailed, emotionless spy who is loyal to the motherland and follows orders, a loving mother to their children and a reliable partner to Philip. That last relationship I find particularly intriguing as we watch Elizabeth (and Philip) trying to figure out WHAT the heck their relationship is, and what it is they would like it to be, while they go about their spying business. I love that Elizabeth is the one with more political backbone and loyality. I love how she can turns on Claudia who betrays that loyalty and threatens her children. Bottom line, I just love how hard Elisabeth tries to be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY and kind of loses herself in the process. Happy festivids, isa, hope this cheered you up a bit during your craptastic start into 2014.....

Download here

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