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Sunday, 9 February 2014 01:45 pm
amnisias: (Festivids)
First & formost for the amazing & entertaining [ profile] isagel, queen of fic and visually stunning vids, secondly for everybody who loves The Americans and their somewhat screwed up lives and last (but by no way least) to all sleeper agents around the world.

This show is a perpetual emotional roller-coster, for the protagonists as well as the viewer. The vid concentrates on Elizabeth, who tries to be all things to all people. A hard-nailed, emotionless spy who is loyal to the motherland and follows orders, a loving mother to their children and a reliable partner to Philip. That last relationship I find particularly intriguing as we watch Elizabeth (and Philip) trying to figure out WHAT the heck their relationship is, and what it is they would like it to be, while they go about their spying business. I love that Elizabeth is the one with more political backbone and loyality. I love how she can turns on Claudia who betrays that loyalty and threatens her children. Bottom line, I just love how hard Elisabeth tries to be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY and kind of loses herself in the process. Happy festivids, isa, hope this cheered you up a bit during your craptastic start into 2014.....

Download here

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