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20 Times The Cast of Sleepy Hollow are Utterly Adorable.

Orlando Jones is the best. Tom Mison is running a close second "I will dry-hump the Horseman just for the alliteration."
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  • That voicemail. I got feels. And giggles. And more feels. I want to get voicemails like that, all civilized, and convoluted, and polite. And thoughtful. "Dear Miss Mills, I trust this voice missive finds you well, if it finds you at all. I’m still trying to fathom the notion that my words are somehow recorded onto your smart phone. After consideration I agree that it is holy unjust that you are prohibited from attending the Mason's assembly, I will rectify this the moment I arrive.Please join us as we strategize our plan of attack against the horseman's imminent arrival. I am, most respectfully, Ichabode Crane ”

  • Orlando Jones (Captain Irving)'s badass Matrix style fighting skills to keep The Headless Horseman's Head safe. And retrospectively coming close to losing the plot that all that Crazy Talk he tolerated was actually TRUEFAX.

  • Ichabode's response to internet porn ads: "That is wildly inapproapriate!"   ...   " I am spouse to another."

  • Ichabode finding out the truth about Thomas Jefferson and thus turning a by-the-book Getting Ready For Battle Scene into a little gem. Poor Ichabode - not only has everybody he's every cared about 'been dead for 200 years', but it also turns out that some of the people he held in high esteem weren't who he thought they were - and even stole his bon-mots.

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