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I've not had much time yet and only dip a big toe into the pond of vid goodness, mostly checking out fandoms I know and love, but these have caught my eye so far:

Ah Mary - a brilliant Ava vid (Justified) . It's a celebration of everything Ava, all ballsy and badass, and men only featuring as decoration or target practice. Great song, too!

Dance Apocalyptic - Footloose 1984. I dare you to keep your feet still, this is ultra bouncy, with perfect timing, and has got ALL the bits you love about the movie.

Who Are You, Defenders of the Univers - The Americans. A total powerhouse vid. Really great edity, use of external footage and pacing. Plus, it manages to wrangle a cohesive narrative from the show, which, if you know The Americans, is kind of tricky, because it's so many different things, and motivations and alliances constantly change. But this really nailed the core of the show.

No Church in the Wild - The Tudors. This is one of those vids. The music choice should not really work with the source, exept that it totally does, and is inspired. Really well edited, using symbolism and parallelism to great effect and visually just stunning.

What I Like About You - Such an eye opener. Honestly, I've never really have given much thought to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I never knew they were the daddy of all bromance to come. Guys, they love each other so much. This vid is full of fun and bounce and great timing and celebration. Love it!

It's Not The Same - Walk on Water. As always, festivids is dominated by english language source and music - this gem is a lovely exception, and a great relationship vid. It made me fall for the characters also I do not know the source.
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Almost Human is gonna air today, w00t! The Trailer looks pretty sharp, and Michael Ealy on my screen is never not a good thing...

Justified season 5 is gonna start on 7th of January 2014!

Hell on Wheels was renewed for a fouth season. I only fell into this particular rabbit hole 6 weeks ago, and am only half way through season 2, but it's making me very happy. Great characters, stunning cinematography and ton's of atmosphere. Pretty much like Justified, including the hat, and the dead bodies. I think I've got a typ......

The Following does not yet have a start date, but since the glorious serial killer threesome Jacob/Emma/Paul is only a twosome now, the show has lost it's main attraction. Sorry, I'm shallow. Also, I'm still surprised that fandom has not been all over that relationship (not the show, though, because, *hand-wave*).
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Daily Post #5:

It's still a lont time until Justified's 5th season will take off (can't wait!!), so here something to tie you over: Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins in conversation. It's start of with lots of sillyness, but they end up having a really interesting discurse about acting. Im always curious to find out more about the processes that go into creating tv shows, whether it is writing, set design or acting, and I really enjoyed this exchange - they have great chemistry and are both very eloquent.

Part 1

Part 2
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......because the last ep was just literally too good for words. I have such high expectations of the show, which are consistently met, but tonight they just totally blew it out of the ballpark and out into space....

This got kind of picspammy.... )

Episodes like this are why I love TV! I'm floored in the best and most painful way possible.

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