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Watching 'guilty pleasure' TV shows is embarrassing enough. But if bad TV then reduces you tears, it's really bad. Like, really, really bad....

For some, at this stage rather unclear, historical reason I started watching One Tree Hill when it first aired (a long time ago) and then d/l the rest of the seasons and watched them at times of need for comfort TV (e.g. while nursing a cold).. If you don't know One Tree Hill, it's a Teen Soap, pretty much a Dawson's Creek for the N00ghties generation, including sappy voice-over from our teen protagonists, a lot of heart-ache and drama. Lots and lots of drama.. Since I only watched the show when I was in need of easily digestable comfort TV I only now managed to get round to watching the 9th (and last) season.

So yesterday, I was sitting on my couch, knitting and watching the last couple of eps, just for completions sake. (The show's plot lines on the whole are ridiculously OTT, and not in a good, Sleepy Hollow kinda way - season 9 managed to top that). So there I am, knitting, eye-rolling and hand-waving. The last ep - finally - rolls around - I'm counting my stiches -  it's basically a 45 minute montage section with MTV music and filled with nostalgic, heart-warming clips, wrapping up all story archs into perfect little happyendings (*SPOILERS* the psycho murderer went back to jail, the sport hero was rescued from the Russion Mob, the widower found the 6 year old son he never knew he had and got married, it all happend). And then the last 10 minutes came, and they did a kind of wrap-up scene, with all the characters and their kids hanging out together, bickering, and eating, and playing, and talking, and reading, and life being okay, and then they hopped a few years in the future, and they were watching their kids being teens now and growing up, and they did their voice-overs about how It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life and , and,.....and I disintergrated into tears and was reduced to a bawling mess, sobbing into my knittware.  ......The show might have been ultra silly, but those last 10 minutes were pretty much perfect, and heartwarming, and life-afirming, and sweet, and just perfect.*Sniffle* I told you. Emberassing.

Don't you just hate it if shows do that to you?

Any other people were turned into a sobbing mess unexpectedly by some random show? Please 'fess up, even if it's only to make me feel better. I will not judge. There might be Hot Chocolate and biscuits. We might start a support group.

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Daily Post #7

Two recs for people who enjoy TV with a distinct European feel to it - slow paced story telling with less emphasis on dialog and action and more time for characters to develop naturally, that kind a thing...

The Fall

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Les Revenants (The Returned)

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I approve...

Saturday, 21 July 2012 12:22 pm
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Look what I found - wouldn't that be amazing? I mean, if ever a show had the optics of a musical, that it's this one. And it also had signing. And they want to assemble the original cast (can they ALL sing like Kristin Chenoweth????)

Is Pushing Daisies Bound for Broadway?

‘ Ned might not be able to touch true love Chuck, but he just might be able to touch the hearts of Broadway theatergoers sometime in the near future.

At least, that’s what Daisies creator Bryan Fuller hinted at during Comic-Con, both during a panel for his new NBC showsMockingbird Lane and Hannibal — and when he talked with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello.

“We’re working on something that is definitely a Pushing Daisies revival,” he teased, choosing his words carefully, “and the idea would be to have as many cast [members] as we can to participate in it.” (We can almost see the dancing pies musical number now!)

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