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Holy shit, Criminal Minds, what was that I just watched? (o)(o)

Clearly some h/c fangirls have invaded the writers room. And the fact that Thomas Gibson was directing and Shemar half naked for most of the episode gave the whole thing an extra layer of pain voyorism and slash on top of all the emotional and physical hurt. I'm still shellshocked.

(oviously highly spoilery) pickspam after the cut )

This one is on par with Reid's heroin fuelled abduction back when. This should make for some great Reid/Morgan fic.
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Look's like it's time to start compiling this year's renewal/cancellation scorecard, because The CW has announced early renewals for five of its series, including freshman dramas Reign and The Originals, veteran dramas Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, and not-a-freshman-but-not-yet-a-veteran drama Arrow.

Supernatural will be hitting double digits as it returns for Season 10, but the news isn't particularly surprising; CW President Mark Pedowitz recently told reporters that the Winchesters will be around as long as they want to be, as long as the show's ratings hold steady. And given that just two weeks ago, Supernatural earned its highest viewership numbers since 2010 when it aired a new episode opposite the State of the Union Address, it's probably safe for the foreseeable future as long as the cast sticks around.

Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries (which will be back for Season 6) remains the network's highest-rated show across all key demographics, and Arrow (which will be back for Season 3) is not only The CW's most-watched series, but the number-one show in its time period among men 18-34.

I watch three of those shows, so I'm not complaining. I'm still hoping that they will agree a fixed end date for SPN well in advance so that they can work towards. Altlhough I'm at a total loss as to what they end game should be...

The Vampire Diaries are still a lot of fun despite the by now tiresome treesome that just keeps giving. Although, by now, it's a foursome, strictly speaking. I'm wondering whether their end-game is Damon & Elena + Stefan & Kathrine.
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A three part BBC christmas mini series that combines the delightfulness of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice with P.D. James' preoccupation with murder and turn's it into a classic murder mystery. I'm sure Matthew Rhys, our lovely Welshman who so far has given us gay SoCal lawer, tormented Welsh poet and Russian sleeper agent (amongst others) will be a lovely Mr Darcey and Matthew Goode is always easy on the eye, even if he's evil Wickenham...I'm looking forward to this.

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Almost Human is gonna air today, w00t! The Trailer looks pretty sharp, and Michael Ealy on my screen is never not a good thing...

Justified season 5 is gonna start on 7th of January 2014!

Hell on Wheels was renewed for a fouth season. I only fell into this particular rabbit hole 6 weeks ago, and am only half way through season 2, but it's making me very happy. Great characters, stunning cinematography and ton's of atmosphere. Pretty much like Justified, including the hat, and the dead bodies. I think I've got a typ......

The Following does not yet have a start date, but since the glorious serial killer threesome Jacob/Emma/Paul is only a twosome now, the show has lost it's main attraction. Sorry, I'm shallow. Also, I'm still surprised that fandom has not been all over that relationship (not the show, though, because, *hand-wave*).

I tripped ....

Sunday, 7 April 2013 05:39 pm
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... and fell down a rabbit hole.

I have been downloading The Following (Kevin Bacon! James Purefoy! Serial Killers! - what's not to love?) but then didn't watch it because of not having time and the reviews being - not great? But I ended up taking the first 10 episodes with me on my Easter Break anyway. And I have to admit, there are things to critize here, if you're in the mood for it. But if you're me, you come for actors you know and like, you stay for the bromance, gore and SERIOUSLY flawed and kinky characters and then this happens:

Very minor spoilers for 1x4 and 1x05... )

...and you fall down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again...
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......because the last ep was just literally too good for words. I have such high expectations of the show, which are consistently met, but tonight they just totally blew it out of the ballpark and out into space....

This got kind of picspammy.... )

Episodes like this are why I love TV! I'm floored in the best and most painful way possible.


Thursday, 22 November 2012 08:43 pm
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Arrow's Torso (Stephen Amell's torso) on Arrow

Few shows are more defined by one image than Arrow and the moguls that've been carefully sculpted onto the spot where Oliver Queen's beer gut should be. But Stephen Amell's torso is more than just eye candy for fitness fanatics and spinsters, it's a firm, fleshy symbol of just how super this new superhero is... not to mention how much time he had on that island with a coconut Ab Roller.

UPDATE: It seems Mr. Amell would appreciate your vote.

I approve...

Saturday, 21 July 2012 12:22 pm
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Look what I found - wouldn't that be amazing? I mean, if ever a show had the optics of a musical, that it's this one. And it also had signing. And they want to assemble the original cast (can they ALL sing like Kristin Chenoweth????)

Is Pushing Daisies Bound for Broadway?

‘ Ned might not be able to touch true love Chuck, but he just might be able to touch the hearts of Broadway theatergoers sometime in the near future.

At least, that’s what Daisies creator Bryan Fuller hinted at during Comic-Con, both during a panel for his new NBC showsMockingbird Lane and Hannibal — and when he talked with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello.

“We’re working on something that is definitely a Pushing Daisies revival,” he teased, choosing his words carefully, “and the idea would be to have as many cast [members] as we can to participate in it.” (We can almost see the dancing pies musical number now!)

Summer TV

Friday, 13 July 2012 11:43 pm
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Old friends:

White Collar
That's how it's done! The season opener was exactly what it says on the tin.The boys missing each other, yearnful phone conversations late at night on a beach, a big reunion hug and Elizabeth & the team playing small but vital parts in the investigations. And now I want to visit the Cape Verde Islands.

Covert Affairs
Can I just say: I'm not a big fan of shaking up everything in a season premiere. Last thing I remember is Annie and Auggie sharing a bittersweet moment on a car bonnet, Auggie going off to Africa and Annie driving off into the sunset in a classic car. Now all of a sudden Jai's dead, Auggie's back, the team is pulled apart and Annie is driving her little boring red number again. Not enough Auggie, not enough Auggie/Annie interaction, and too much shower sex with terrorist suspect. I'm hoping that this is just a set-up, and things will be back to normal in a few episodes. Yes, I'm watching Covert Affairs for it's predictable charm, not for surprise twists.

Falling Skies
Aliens, human hybrids, resistance fighters, Noah Wyle as a BAMF history teacher and widowed Dad of 3 boys. There is some uneven writing, particularly the romance can be a bit clunky and heavy-handed, but the SciFi works well for me.

Teen Wolf
How do you know it's summer TV? Eye candy and rediculous story lines. I love Stiles and his ad-libs, I love that our hero is inept and kinda lost without his BFF Stiles and I love how Mum McCall handwaves parenting....

Necessary Roughness

This got kinda long... )

Downloaded for later consumtion: True Blood & Damages

New kids on the block:

The Newsroom
Poor Sorkin. Everybody is waiting for something that is just as brilliant, informative, funny, dramatic and did I say brilliant as West Wing. And again this is not it. BUT, even mediocre Sorkin is a cut and a half above a lot of other shows. This show has a lot of possibility, Jeff Daniels has the gravitas and charisma to cary a show like this, Mackenzie will be a great charaters once they've toned down the hysterics a bit, Allison Pill is very believable, some of the dialogue is already great, and the narrative device of telling last years news is pretty ingenious and works very well for me. I'm guessing if you're a tea party memeber you might struggle with some of the politics, though...

Oh, in related unrelated news, there was this:

Somewhere in here hides a great little show, but I fear it'll never see the light of day. Eric McCormack's depiction of somebody who walks the tightrope between genius and madness is spot on, and I'd loved to see the show that really delves into that life and explores it. Alas, it's just a plot device and we're lumbered with a procedural by numbers where mental illness only serves as a ploy to move the plot forward, and is used in a way that borders on the offensive (an aphasiac as a lie detector - really?)

Common Law:
What can I say? The boys are pretty, the sky is blue. It's summer. This started nearly 2 month before White Collar and Covert Affairs. The Therapy is clearly just a plot device and only bookends the episodes. The plot is - actually, I'm not sure there's a plot. I'm pretty sure at some point I'll be fed-up waiting for any real exploration of the characters and move on. But it's fun while it lasts.

Already dumped:

I checked this out for Starbuck, mainly. It's beautifully shot, the lead is likeable and the story telling is decent enough. This ain't bad, just nothing special. I think my main problem is that I was hoping Katee Sackhoff's character would be subborn and strong and keep locking horns with the sheriff. Instead she's some ratherbland, boring and tepid city girl.

This annoyed me from the get go. What an intesly unlikable lead and unsavoury premise. An exotic dancer strings along a devoted fan for the gifts and free meals but makes no secret of her disdain for his admiration. Cut to an unsucessful job audition and a drunken night out, and she finds herself married to the guy. He conviniently pops his clogs on the first day of marriage, and thus we are delivered onto the silly premise of the show. It involves a dance studio, a mother-in-law and quaint little town. This is supposed to be the Gilmore Girls for the next generation, I guess. I'm running screaming the other way.

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A picspam that can be entirely blamed on [ profile] isagel. I am innocent.

This way to the pic spam )
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I've been planning to make this post for a while now, but I only got as far as doing the screen caps and then RL interfered. So now this story is yesterday's last year's news. But who cares? Not me... :)

You might remember that I posted about Homeland back in October when the pilot aired, and after the finale I had the strong urge to post again. Partly just because the show delivered on all the point I had hoped: the acting, the writing, the pacing and the visuals. But it also scored in an area I did not expect, and that's really what compelled me to post. The thing is, apart from my love of TV I also have a strong interest in mental health issues. And I gotta say, the two don't normally play well. I made my peace with that and just don't have any high expectations when it comes to mental health on TV. It involves a lot of handwaving, everytime mental illness is completely misreprensented or just used as a plot device, or  when writers use psychology or mental illness as a free for all to explain a character's inexplicable actions. After all, shows are no public service announcements.

So, I was not expecting Homeland to have a character with mental illness. I was even less expecting that the mental illness would depicted with any degree of accuracie. But what really bowled me over was the last episode, where they tackled the issue of ECT, and didn't get it wrong.  They neither demonised it, nor glorified, but actually just showed it the way it is, and had characters voicing reasons for and against it without resorting to platitudes or polemics. And in the end they aloud the patient to chose the treatment she wanted.  Yes, the mental illness was there to serve the story, and the writers took some liberties with the facts to make it work, but that is okay. Because, you know, it's TV, not a documentary.

If you're interested,here and here the views of somebody with first-hand experience of the disorder.

Or, if you just here for the picspam, go here (warning, contains spoilers for season 1 and a picture of ECT):

Or, if you just here for the picspam, go here (warning, contains spoilers for season 1 and pictures of ECT): )
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So, the new TV season is upon us! It's got something for everybody: lulz (Ringer), soppy (A Gifted Man), downright mindfucking creepy (American Horror Story). And then there is(for pic spam and squee please enter here...) )

In case you can't tell by now, let me be clear: I love it!

Dear Festividder!

Saturday, 16 October 2010 07:12 pm
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Thank you soooo much for offering one of the fandoms I am looking for. Thank you for giving up some of your time and sanity for festivids, I already know I am gonna love whatever you come up with. Please do not stress yourself out, I want you to have as much fun making the vid as I have looking forward to it! I take anything that strikes your fancy, really,  but if you feel stuck and are looking for some ideas to get started here some ramblings about the things on my wish list and why I love them.

Ramblings )

Hope you find something in here that takes your fancy, and am already dying to see what you come up with. Is it January yet?

(no subject)

Sunday, 12 September 2010 01:37 pm
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So, another TV season has started! Given that I still haven't watched 16 of the shows I d/l from the last season I probably should skip this season all together, but unfortunately I'm not that sensible and don't have any will power. So I had a friend come over for a little party to kick start the new season, specifically The Vampire Diaries (one of the few shows I'm up to date with) and Nikita (for evaluation).

(More spoilery details under the cut...) )

Other shows I'm hoping to watch in real time:

Criminal Minds
Friday Night Live (if I mange to catch up by the time it starts airing)
Justified (when it comes back next year)

New shows I might check out:

Walking Dead
Hawaii Five-O
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I had a look at the pilot for ABC's Rubicon but didn't really think I'd be adding it to my line-up. The words 'conspiracy theory' in TV often only mean bad writing and ridiculously confusing story lines placed strategically around gaping plot wholes.

To my surprise I was intrigued and captivated from the beginning. Not so much by the story per se, but the way it's told. No patronizing of the audience, no endless exposition dialogues to explain the obvious, no tidily wrapped up story line at the end of the episode. Instead the story unfolds very slowly and with little dialogue. The main character is a quiet guy and we are left guessing his thoughts, intentions and plans. Visuals are used to great effect to create atmosphere and exposition in a subtle way. Grey's, straight lines, geometrical forms, timeless set decor, all this creates a sense of Big Brother's Watching You.
Take a look... )

There is one misstep that annoyed me a bit - (slightly spoilery). Read more... )

Not sure whether the story will be any good, but I appreciate a pilot that respects the audiences intelligence and is confident enough to be low key, unspectacular and vague. Count me in...

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