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Saturday, 3 October 2015 12:45 pm
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Back from holidays. You guys, the Greek Islands are dreamy, and none more than the isladn of Kefalonia (you might know it if your read Captain Corelli's Mandoline), where I holed up with my Mum, in a lovely old greek farmhouse with a pool, lots of olive trees in the garden, and a little cove for swimming only five minutes away. The north of Kefalonia is very, very green, with lots of little coves (pebble, though, not sand) along the coast and small villages with taverns that serve very yummy greek food to very reasonable prices and small village shops with huge stacks of fruit and veg outside. It was still very warm, around 25 C, so lots of sunbathing and swimming was to be had, though we cought one day with (terrential) rain, but that was kind a fun, too. Electricity and water cut out for a few hours, and we thought it might swep out house into the sea, but then the next day it was back to blue skies and seas with no cloud in sight. Like magic.

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Unfortunately we did miss the Super Blood Moon Eclipse because I noted down a wrong time. That would have been the cherry on top.

On return I also noted (well, my inbox reminded me) that I've missed [personal profile] charloween 's, [personal profile] legoline's and [personal profile] bananainpyjamas's B-days. Hope you all had a great day, doing what you love to do, whatever that is. Wishing Char the most amazing adventures downunder with even better beaches and sea views than Greece and enough UK born relatives to secure a visa for however long she wants it for, legoline enough time to do all the things she loves to do and success with her writing, and bananainpyjama a good hair year and a magic potient to nuke accademic stress. Virtual hugs and cakes for all of you ladies!

Short break....

Sunday, 15 December 2013 08:28 pm
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I had a lovely mother-daughter weekend last week. We went down to London, mainly to see Henry V, which I got my parents as a Christmas present last year (Daddy chickened out, though, so we had a bit of extra spending money, and more piece and quiet, lol). But since we were already there, we also went to St James Smith Square for Haendel's Messias, which was just the right thing to get us in the Christmas mood. It was a fairly small orchestra and choir, but that worked really well in that setting, the acustic and quality was excellent, but it had a much more intimate affaire compared to the Royal Albert Hall, for example, where we went last year.

Saturday we mostly spend at the British Museum in the Ancrient Collection (we made it through Egypt, Assyria and Grece but caved before Rom) and Sunday we swung by the National Portrait Gallery (I love that all the public Museums are free of charge, it means you can do it in small chunks rather than feeling you've got to get 'your money's worth'. Henry V was very good, though it took me a bit longer to get into it because I've never seen the play on stage, just as various TV and movie productions, and there you have a lot of action and change of location, whereas in the play most of that takes place off stage. But at the same time this really focuses the play on the essential, the internal struggles of the king. As often with the Grandage productions, the set is minimalistic and the costumes vaguely historical, and there is little to distract from the words and the acting. I really liked the stage design, which was borrowed from a Shakesperian theatre, which fitted very well with the set up of the play, which includes a chorus that continues to comment and fill gaps in the play.  A very good performance from Jude Law, I thought, he effortlessly went from regal, to conflicted, anxious, funny and flirty. And one has to be amazed by all the actors ability, this was the second performance of the day (and the 7th in the week) and one could not tell other that they cut the applause a bit short.

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Back from holidays! I always take a week off around October time to load up on sunshine, relax and do our annual report which is due this time of the year. My batteries always tend to run low this time of the year, but this year tried hard for something extra-special just before I was due to go away, and with crisis at work piling up I got 'this' close to actually not going away at all... But in the end me, my laptop and the excel spreadsheet went off as planned, and boy - did I need this.

The last few years I stayed closer to home and went to Tunesia, Marocco or the Cap Verde Islands, but this time I splurged out for a week in a luxus resort in the Dominican Republic, and it was worth every dime. Very small, very quiet. lovely palm beach and pool, spacious room with a patio with direct pool access, healthy but yummy food and really lovely staff. The hotel consists of a number of houses dotted along a lagoon-shaped pool in a big, well maintained tropical garden providing ample privacy if one wants it. Given that

....Apart from a few hours of work in the late afternoons I was so lazy you wouldn't believe it - sun-bathing (under a palm-tree, thanks to the British complexion I've aquired by default), reading, going for walks on the beach, having a facial or a message, eating, swimming, --- rinse and repeat.....
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Now the only problem with taking such a lovely time out is that I'll have one week's worth of work, lj commenting and TV to catch up on....Life is hard!
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Daily Post #6:

We've had a lovely weekend, with temperatures hitting 20 degree C both days, sun shine and blue skies - not the dreary grey, windy & rainy weather that passes as autumn in the UK. I've spend most of the weekend in the garden, potting up seedlings, planting spring bulbs and tidy up the window boxes. I have already taken cuttings from my lilac and white basil for the winter, rosemary is to come in october. The rhubarb should yield at least one more cake before the season is over. Since it's unlikely that there will be any more weekends like this I've harvested my lavender today, always with a sad heart, because it's so lovely to come home from work and sit at the back door in the evening sun for 20 minutes, surounded by that relaxing smell and watching the bees. I dry the lavender and put it in little organza bags to put in with the linen and on pillows so I can have that late summer scent all winter long.

I've spend a wole evening trying to get a semi-decent picture of a bee on the lavender (there were at least 6 on the go), but it took many attempts to get this one. Thank god for digital!
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Thursday, 8 March 2012 07:33 pm
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After skipping last years VVC and procrastinating forever (because the flight is fricking expensive and I hate long-distance flights with a vengance) I've now got my plane ticket. So, who else from around here is going?

And more importantly, is anybody interested in sharing a room? I'm laid back and easy-going, but I'd prefer a 'quiet room' with no room parties, purely because I'm coming from the UK and likely will be a bit jet lagged and prone to start dozing off at 7pm. I'm getting into Chicago on Wednsday (to give me some time to adjust) and am leaving on Monday. Let me know if you're interested to join me for all or part of that, I'd probably would make the reservations so that I don't have to move rooms while I'm over there. Anybody coming from Europe as well? We could keep each other company at 4 am in the morning over early breakfast....

Comment, PM or email if interested...

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