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Sunday, 9 February 2014 01:45 pm
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First & formost for the amazing & entertaining [ profile] isagel, queen of fic and visually stunning vids, secondly for everybody who loves The Americans and their somewhat screwed up lives and last (but by no way least) to all sleeper agents around the world.

This show is a perpetual emotional roller-coster, for the protagonists as well as the viewer. The vid concentrates on Elizabeth, who tries to be all things to all people. A hard-nailed, emotionless spy who is loyal to the motherland and follows orders, a loving mother to their children and a reliable partner to Philip. That last relationship I find particularly intriguing as we watch Elizabeth (and Philip) trying to figure out WHAT the heck their relationship is, and what it is they would like it to be, while they go about their spying business. I love that Elizabeth is the one with more political backbone and loyality. I love how she can turns on Claudia who betrays that loyalty and threatens her children. Bottom line, I just love how hard Elisabeth tries to be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY and kind of loses herself in the process. Happy festivids, isa, hope this cheered you up a bit during your craptastic start into 2014.....

Download here

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I've not had much time yet and only dip a big toe into the pond of vid goodness, mostly checking out fandoms I know and love, but these have caught my eye so far:

Ah Mary - a brilliant Ava vid (Justified) . It's a celebration of everything Ava, all ballsy and badass, and men only featuring as decoration or target practice. Great song, too!

Dance Apocalyptic - Footloose 1984. I dare you to keep your feet still, this is ultra bouncy, with perfect timing, and has got ALL the bits you love about the movie.

Who Are You, Defenders of the Univers - The Americans. A total powerhouse vid. Really great edity, use of external footage and pacing. Plus, it manages to wrangle a cohesive narrative from the show, which, if you know The Americans, is kind of tricky, because it's so many different things, and motivations and alliances constantly change. But this really nailed the core of the show.

No Church in the Wild - The Tudors. This is one of those vids. The music choice should not really work with the source, exept that it totally does, and is inspired. Really well edited, using symbolism and parallelism to great effect and visually just stunning.

What I Like About You - Such an eye opener. Honestly, I've never really have given much thought to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I never knew they were the daddy of all bromance to come. Guys, they love each other so much. This vid is full of fun and bounce and great timing and celebration. Love it!

It's Not The Same - Walk on Water. As always, festivids is dominated by english language source and music - this gem is a lovely exception, and a great relationship vid. It made me fall for the characters also I do not know the source.
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Thank you so much for participating and offering to fill one of my requests. Whichever one you pick, I'll love you forever! But don't stress too much, this is also supposed to be fun, so, please, please, please, ENJOY the process and excitement of festivids!

I will tell you a what I love about these sources, and what ideas for vids I would be considering if I was to vid them, because I know some people really value having some guidance in what to go for. On the othere hand, there are also folks that struggle to vid characters/pairings/arcs that don't click for them, and I love to be surprised and astonished. A lot of brilliant vids were made because people went outside the box or just followed the vid farr.Go for it!

Talky-faces vids are a bit of pet peeve of mine, but sometimes there is just no way to avoid those. I don't mind slash or non-canon pairings if the fancy takes you. I love fun and crack vids as much as dark and dramatic vids, romantic vids, squee vids and meta vids.

With the TV shows, feel free to just go for one season, or a specific arc, or an episodic - nobody has the luxury to clip for 6 month for festivids. If you would like to vid a certain source but have trouble obtaining it in your corner of the universe, let me know (via GK) and I should be able to get it to you annonymously.

Music-wise I don't like giving much input, because a) it all depends on the vid (there are some vids that use audio that I would not normally listen to, but as part of a vid they just work beautifully) and I would not want to restric your choices. If it works for the vid, I'll love it. I don't mind the use of dialog, as long as it's done well, both technically and aesthetically, serves the vid and works with the music.

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By the way, on the topic of festivids etiquette: Are you supposed to post your letter before the deadline, or is this considered bad tone, given that it's supposed to be anonymous? It keeps tripping me up every year. Any and all opinions, advice and discussions welcome.....
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Come here, let me give you a hug first! Your are the bestes, darling, since you like one of the shows or films that I like. Not only that, but you've also agreed to give up some of your precious free time in the run up to the holidays to make a vid for my own little self. You are amazingcakes, in case nobody told you recently.

First of music. I find it hard to give too much direction on this, because it totally depends on the story you're planning to tell, doesn't it? As long as the music fits the tone and content of the vid I'm all good. A lot of vids I love are set to music that I don't particularly enjoy anywhere else, but adore in the context of that vid. If you have a number of songs that would fit and don't know which one to choose, all I can say is that I tend to go with music that works and fits the source, e.g. the time it's set in or the tone.


... )

Dark Blue

... )

Dharma & Greg

... )

East of Eden

... )

Miami Medical

... )

My Own Worst Enemy

... )

Some Kind of Wonderful

... )

Wire in the Blood

... )

*And if you would like to vid one of the TV shows but have trouble getting the source shoot GK at festivids an e-mail. I should be able to help you with that in most cases.*

Treats are obviously always welcome...

Festivid Reveals!

Saturday, 5 February 2011 08:43 pm
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Since I have no idea how the whole backdating thing works, here the post that leads to the post.

This was my first year participating (because I suck at deadlines), and I enjoyed it no end. I still can't believe that I had two perfect vids, just made for me. Thanks so much to both you guys!

The amazing [ profile] giandujakiss who is running this fantastic gift exchange together with[ profile] ylee  had actually enough time on her hands to make a masterful vid for a film I love so dearly but I never expected anybody to pick up. The Weight of Us is the vid I would have made for myself if she hadn't done it - just not quite so brilliant. It's the vid my vid would have aspired to be! Yup!

And [ profile] waldo has made me a West Wing vid that I never could have done myself, because I could have never come up with this concept that's kind of ridiculous on first sight and genius on close inspection (plus, I could NEVER clip all of West Wing). You haven't done so yet, go and watch Highschool Never Ends now and be amazed.

I made I Follow You for the lovely [ profile] isagel  to celebrate the greateness of what <s>is</s> was Rubicon and the creepiness that is Kale. And she gracefully squeed all over it, and recced it and gave me great pleasure by taking great pleasure in my vid. It just occurs to me, in this way Festivids is a bit like sex...... and that's probably a good point to end the post.

I'm watching....

Monday, 24 January 2011 10:53 am
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Internet woes update: After downloading a ton of add-ons my dongle can now handle streaming. As you can imagine I've spend every free minute last night on the festivids page marveling at the amount of talent out there. It's just astounding. And my vids totally made me squee and flail, even more than I expected. Not only are they both totally made of awesomeness, they also go really well together, because one is so sad and poignant, and the other so uplifting, the perfect antidote.

Only downside is that with all that vid watching my monthly 2GB dongle will only last about 3 or 4 days, but what the heck.....festivids only happen once a year!
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Man, the universe has so screwed with me. My first ever festividding, and I totally missed it. In fact, I'm still missing it. I' so gutted, you wouldn't believe it. First festivids reveal....missed.....sniffle....

I moved house 2 days ago, and despite many assurances from the phone company the landline is not working, and they can not send anybody out anybody to sort it out til monday. So I got myself a dongle today to be abel to get onto the internet in the meantime, and that works fine apart from streaming vids.Dongle does not like those, it appears. So I can go onto the festivid page, and see all the vids, and read all the comment, but if I want to play one it's just 3 minutes of a big, black square.....It's hell, I'm telling you, having all these vids being tantalizingly dangled in front of my nose and not being able to watch them. And I got not only one, but two vids, just for me! OMG; OMG ; OMG ..... A Rebel Without A Cause, this movie was my first teenage crush, seriously, I love it so much, and now there's a vid for it. I love you, anonyfestividder! AND a gift vid as well?!? How did that even happen?!? I'm gobsmacked, to say the least. Thanks sooo much for doing this, dear anonyfestigiftvidder, you've already made me so happy.

Unfortunately I'm still stuck at home unpacking, re-assembling furniture and figuring out how the heating works, but if my dongle still doesn't work tomorrow I'll invade a friends house and take over the computer for a couple of hours.

In the meantime, since I can't do it myself yet, why don't you all head over to my festivids to watch and leave a comment?

Festivid Reveals!

Saturday, 8 January 2011 10:30 am
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I give first ever Festivid!
Oh my, Rubicon, how I am going to miss you, the three dimensional characters, the great use of geometric shapes and muted colours, unhurried pacing, understated acting and skillful use of dialog, - and silence. Where else do you get a show with a canonically gay couple where their sexual orientation is not part of a plotline and is not once mentioned explicitly.
I am eternally grateful to isagel for giving me the chance to do a Rubicon Vid and providing such thoughtful prompts that gave me ample inspiration but were not restrictive at all (not at all easy to do). And for being so gracious to squee all over my vid and rec it and make me feel like I'd achieved my aim of making her happy.

Also, the vid would not be half it is today hadn't it been  for [ profile] jagwriter78   and [ profile] counteragent  providing some much
needed betaing. 

Download version here (77MB, divx).

Dear Festividder!

Saturday, 16 October 2010 07:12 pm
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Thank you soooo much for offering one of the fandoms I am looking for. Thank you for giving up some of your time and sanity for festivids, I already know I am gonna love whatever you come up with. Please do not stress yourself out, I want you to have as much fun making the vid as I have looking forward to it! I take anything that strikes your fancy, really,  but if you feel stuck and are looking for some ideas to get started here some ramblings about the things on my wish list and why I love them.

Ramblings )

Hope you find something in here that takes your fancy, and am already dying to see what you come up with. Is it January yet?

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