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Hope you've all remembered the faithfully departed during the day and are preparing yourself to fend of the evil spirits, witches and fairies tonight. And have a litte Halloween-themed clip while you wait.

I'm not normally in the habit of inflicting my comfort viewing on my flist, but in this case the moons aligned as this clip is from an Halloween ep. Totally flying under the radar here ;). But I've got to admit, I've fallen a bit in a rabbit hole with Hart of Dixie, I never watched it when it aired, but grabbed the first few eps for easy viewing on a long flight (kids and their Mums seem to object to Hannibal on a plane) with no intentions to carry on. But what can I say, I totally fell for and now I'm 2 seasons in. It reminds me a lot of Gilmore Girls in tone and genre, though the characters and dialog is not as sharp as GG was. Honestly, Wade has a lot to answer for.... (yes, I am that shallow).

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