Saturday, 6 February 2016

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I am thinking about putting together another Eurovision vid show for vidukon 2016. (See here, here & here for previous ones if you've not been around my journal that long).

The idea is to showcase European vidders, European source and European music. I'd also love to have a meta vid with a 'European twist'. However, as the beatles said, I can only do it with a little help from my friends........*pleading eyes*

Here is the place where you can brainstorm ideas for Premieres, sign up to making a Premiere or nominate already existing vids that fit the theme.

I am looking for:
  • Vidders who would want to make a Premiere for the vid show. This could be vidding a European source, a European song, or both. You do not have to be a European vidder as long as you chose an appropriate source and/or song.
  • Vid recs, please, self-recs welcome.
  • Ideas for European source that totally should be vidded but you don't want to do it.

Last years suggestions included.... )

If you can help with any of the above, please pm or comment.

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